Best 144HZ Laptop

Gaming laptops began to offer more frequent refresh rates such as 120Hz, 144Hz Laptop, or 165Hz. The higher, the better.

It is worth noting that in order for faster rate of refresh to be acceptable, laptops must be equip with a gpu that is equally capable of generating that many frames per second.

As of the writing time of this article, GPUs like GTX 1660Ti or RTX3060 can provide 144 FPS for games such as CSGO and Valorant. However, this could change in the future.

In time, games become more demanding in terms of hardware , and the current hardware is unable to do the same job over time.

If you’re looking to increase the refresh rates, consider gaming laptops with 165 Hz which are becoming increasingly more and more popular. The main thing to take into consideration will be the GPU. If you’re looking for the latest GPU like RTX 3060/3070, you will need to spend more.

In this article we’ll take a look at a few low-cost gaming laptops with a 144-Hz display. They include gpu models such as GTX 1660Ti, GTX 1060, and RTX 3060.

If your graphics card isn’t capable of producing 144 FPS then reduce the graphics settings and create an attempt to compromise.

1. ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Gaming Laptop

This laptop is a fantastic option for those who wish to have a smooth gaming experience, without spending a lot of dollars. It’s equip with the GeForce GTX 1650TI graphics card and an tenth-generation Intel Core I5 CPU. The most important thing is that it retails for just under a thousand dollars.

The claim this laptop appears to be making is you do not require the most expensive budget for an ultra-high-resolution laptop that has a screen that’s 144Hz Laptop. However the laptop has certain impressive features that are guarante to make gaming an enjoyable experience.

It is equip with the Intel Core I5-10300H processor with four cores and a speed that can reach up to 4.5GHz. In addition it comes with eight GB DDR4 RAM that has the speed of 2933 MHz. The RAM can be upgrade when it is require to make the laptop an improve performance and allow to multitask.

The thing that drives games with high graphics to such high frame rates can be found in that of the GTX 1650 graphics card manufacture by NVIDIA. It is equip with 4GB of VRAM as well as an irrational speed of 1585MHz therefore you’ll be comfortable playing modern-day demanding games that feature high framerates even at lower settings for video.

To speed up loading of games and overall greater performance, the laptop comes equipped with the NVME-based SSD storage. It has a capacity of up to 512GB. And because it’s extremely fast when compared to standard SSDs with SATA that you can anticipate superior performance.

The laptop features an army-grade structure, and conforms to the standard MIL-STD-810H, which makes the chassis resistant to physical damages. This is also why the laptop is somewhat heavy.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop

2. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

This laptop is equip with an IPS panel with Full-HD resolution which has an 144Hz Laptop refresh rate. This is possible thanks to the powerful hardware that it has which includes the NVIDIA the RTX3060 graphic card as well as the 10th generation Core I7 processor.

If you’re using an WiFi-6 router as well as an internet connection that is fast the laptop’s WiFi 6 capability lets gamers play online with extremely low latency on the network which will improve the gaming experience overall. It doesn’t just connect faster, but this laptop is also equip with strong hardware.

Internally, it is powere by the Intel Core I7 processor, which is a 10th generation chip with 6 processing cores. It is capable of reaching speeds up to 5GHz with high load. Furthermore the laptop is also equip with the most recent 3000-series Nvidia graphics card. In particular, it’s the RTX3060 comes with six GB of GDDR6 video memory as well as support for NVIDIA DLSS.

The laptop’s screen is 15.6 inches and is enough for gaming , but it does not prevent the laptop from becoming big. With its size and weight it’s a robust portable gaming device.

The screen comes with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, but the most impressive feature is the high refresh rate of 144Hz Laptop and only 3ms of response time. The only issue is that gaming outdoors as well as in the direct light could be an issue due to its brightness which exceeds 300 nits.

In addition it comes with game-specific features such as 4-zone RGB lighting. It has 16GB of DDR4 RAM as well as an NVME storage capacity of 512GB to speed up loading game.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop

3. MSI GL75 Leopard Gaming Laptop

This laptop is perfect for those who like bigger displays on laptops. It comes with an 17.3-inch display that gives you an intense gaming experience on the go with a portable device. Internals help keep its performance at the top-end of the market because it is equip with a high-performance CPU and GPU.

The laptop’s keyboard’s RGB light source can be adjust to give you a unique feeling. Key’s lighting can be use to indicate the current status of the game that you’re playing, which makes the gaming experience enjoyable.

The display is the 17.3-inch display that is quite massive, however, due to the small borders on both sides of the display, the increase in width isn’t overly significant, but it’s a little more substantial and weighs in at around 5.5 pounds.

However, it is equipped with powerful equipment that helps to offset it’s weight and dimensions. A processor from Intel Core I7-10750H is the main driver on this laptop, assisted with 16GB RAM as well as an impressive 512GB PCIe NVME storage to speed up operations as well as a smoother gaming experience.

To play games The laptop comes by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI graphics card that has 6GB of VRAM, which is perfect for very demanding games.

It is pre-installed with the latest version of Windows 10 Home out of the box. Additionally, you have access to a variety of MSI programs such as Dragon Center that will help to make more adjustments to your PC, for instance, adjusting the keyboard’s RGB backlight.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop

4. MSI GL63 9SDK-614 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

With a 3ms reaction rate screen it is possible to play exciting games on this device. Additionally, the 144Hz Laptop display will make things more smooth and you’ll be able to tell the difference when you’re playing on an laptop with a slower refresh rate.

This laptop comes with an 9th generation core I7 CPU that runs an average speed of 2.6 as high as 4.5GHz. It is suitable for games that require a lot of effort. Additionally, you receive the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660TI graphic cards with six GB dedicated RAM in order to render the sceneries of your game during play. This guarantees the highest quality HD gaming as well as high refresh rates that range from 144HZ to 144HZ.

The laptop is equipped with sixteen GB DDR4 RAM, however, it can be upgraded up to a maximum of 64GB in the event of a need. The thing that makes this laptop more useful for gaming are the various storage choices.

There’s a 256GB NVME SSD, and on it the user can run your operating system as well as other essential programs because it’s speedier. To accommodate it, you also get one 1TB hard drive that could be used as an additional storage. The drives both are internal while the HDD is the fastest 7200RPM model.

The screen of this device has a responsive time of 3 milliseconds. It also has Full-HD, with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and an sRGB 100% color coverage, which means that the colors in the scenes of the game will be vibrant.

The keyboard is individually customizable RGB backlit keys. This helps to enhance the gaming style which is comprised of a black frame with trimmings of red on both sides and lid’s back.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop

5. Asus TUF FX505GT 15 Gaming Laptop

It is possible to play some intense games with this laptop due to its powerful hardware and a sharp screen to display the scene on. It’s Asus laptop also comes with an illuminated keyboard and includes wireless mouse.

With a 6th-generation 9th Gen Intel Core I7-9750H processor this laptop is able to handle various games like a pro with some titles that are Triple-A. What makes it a superior gaming computer is its compact dimensions that allow it to be carried comfortably.

It sports it’s 15.6-inch screen with an resolution that is 1920×1080. This means that you will get an excellent level of clarity while watching content. It’s got an 144Hz Laptop refresh rate, meaning you’ll be able to be certain that gaming will be smooth and smooth.

It features a geometric design that has rounded corners and a sleek, rigid appearance. It also has a full keyboard that has numeric keys and a slim bezel that runs around the sides and top of the device with a large lower chin, which is where it is where the ASUS brand logo also is displayed.

The graphics card in this model is the GTX 1650, which has 4GB of VRAM, which makes it an ideal choice to play HD gaming. It also has an illuminated keyboard, and a free wireless mouse when you purchase it, together with a copy Windows 10 Home.

It has 32GB of RAM that is a lot even for gaming as well as the massive 512GB SSD storage makes it simple to build an assortment of just a few games before having to upgrade your storage, or use external drives.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop

6. HP OMEN 17-inch Gaming Laptop

HP Omen is a well-known gaming laptop by HP with it’s Omen 17 can be described as the biggest of the group. The particular model has an 17.3-inch screen, which allows gaming to be an enjoyable experience. The screen comes with an antiglare layer so that you’ll be able to play without worry over reflections of your backdrop mucking up your image.

The panels of the laptop can be removed so it is easy and convenient to upgrade it in the future in the event that you want to increase the performance of the laptop. This laptop was designed specifically for gaming and has an 8th generation Core I7 processor which has 6 cores , and an increase clock that can go as high as 4.1GHz.

In addition it has the NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPU that has the capacity of 6GB of dedicated VRAM to process graphics. For RAM capacity, this laptop comes with sixteen gigabytes of DDR4 RAM that runs at the speed of 2666 MHz. It is upgradeable and the laptop comes with two slots for RAM which will make upgrading memory easier.

The device has two storage devices. A one-sided 128GB NVME SSD that provides faster access to disks as well as an additional 1TB drive at 7200 RPM which can be used to store multiple games without having to upgrade or utilize external media.

The laptop is quite heavy and heavy. That’s one of the drawbacks. It weighs around eight pounds it all day long can be exhausting. However, it features an appealing design inspired by gaming, featuring angular sides and a high-refresh rate Full HD screen, and highlighted WASD buttons as well as LED backlight to complement the overall look.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop

7. Acer Nitro 5 15.6″ 144Hz Display Gaming Laptop

Its Acer Nitro is a great laptop for games that have RTX enabled. It comes with an RTX 2060 graphics card by NVIDIA which is integrated with the 9th generation Intel processor to provide superior performance, including refresh rates as high as 144Hz Laptop on its HD 15.6-inch display.

The Intel processor inside this machine has six processing cores, which are ideal for gaming. It comes with a base clock rate of 2.6GHz and is able to achieve more speed under extreme load. The screen is 15.6 inches and is able to display the resolution that is 1920 x 1080. This makes it ideal for gaming and, with the added benefit of having high refresh rates up to 144Hz Laptop, you are able to be sure of smooth performance on certain games that are demanding.

The laptop’s memory and storage are upgradeable. It has 256GB of storage, which isn’t sufficient for many games that have huge environments. Additionally, it has 16GB of RAM that is perfect for gaming or multitasking for work tasks.

The laptop comes with a keyboard that is backlit with red accents, which are gaming-oriented. It also comes with an RTX 2060 graphics card, which allows you to play games that use real-time raytracing, which gives you a more immersive gaming experience. Additionally the graphics card comes with the capacity of 6 GB, which is dedicated GDDR6 memory, which allows you to enhance the performance of the laptop while playing games.

It is black in color and comes with a plethora of ports to connect external devices as well as a Type-C USB 3.1 port.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop

8. MSI GE75 Raider-287 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

Its GE75 Raider from MSI is an extremely powerful 17.2-inch gaming laptop. It has 9th-gen Intel processor. Additionally, in the same vein it has an NVIDIA RTX graphics card that lets you enjoy HD gaming device a breeze.

If you are gaming, keeping an operating system that is cool will prevent it from throttling thermally as a security measure which can adversely affect performance. To ensure that your GE75 Raider cool, the laptop has four exhausts and two fans which remove hot air from the laptop, thereby cooling the laptop during gaming.

The cooling system is essential due to the laptop’s important hardware, such as a 9th generation Core I7 CPU that has six cores, and the NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphic card that has six GB of RAM.

Furthermore you also get 16GB of upgradeable DDR4 memory as well as the capacity of 512GB of NVME storage. SSDs with this feature are significantly more efficient than regular SSDs, which means you will experience quicker booting and application time to start. This means less the amount of time you spend on loading screens.

This 17.3-inch IPS display has a refresh rate of 144Hz Laptop and full HD resolution. It also has a lower 3ms response time and 100% sRGB coverage. Bezels that are thin around the screen provide an immersive viewing experience , while the adjustable RGB keyboard backlight allows you to make your own personalizations to your laptop.

144HZ Laptop
144HZ Laptop


When you’re looking at a gaming laptop the smooth gaming experience and the highest resolution is the main consideration. These laptops offer the same, and this is because of the technology comes with them.

The use of a dedicated graphic card that has lots of VRAM is crucial for HD gaming. A display with a high-refresh rate of 144Hz Laptop could be useful if you’re able to keep up with. The overall look of the laptop can be subjective however, things such as the speed of a multicore processor, around 16GB RAM, and plenty of SSD storage could enhance the gaming experience overall.

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