Business Development Manager Salary

The job of a business development manager within companies is vital to help them expand. The typical pay for a Business Development Manager Salary? What are they doing on a every day? What do they have to accomplish and what are their responsibilities?

The article below will look at the role of the manager of business development in greater in depth.

What exactly does the job of a manager for business development?

The principal goal of a manager for business development is to boost the performance of a company and increase revenue. To boost profits potential, new business opportunities have to be discovered.

The most effective way to identify new business opportunities is to look into new opportunities for partnerships, markets service, growth zones customer trends, and products. All of this is part of the role of a business development manager.

Sometimes, it is essential to come up with new strategies to tap into existing markets. It is crucial to place the business on the most appropriate markets.

Based on how the business the process can be approached in various ways. Networking events are a great option to find new contacts. Option is to cold call prospective customers.

The job of a business development manager is based on three primary levels:

  • Finding the most suitable opportunities and implementing them
  • Maintaining good relations with partners and customers;
  • Strategic thinking and planning.

The position of a business development director can be employed in nearly every kind of company from IT to finance.

They may be involved in a variety of industries. But they are targeted specifically at B2C and B2B. Business development managers may be part of the team or operate on their own.

Does Business Development have the same meaning and Marketing?

There is a possibility of confusion regarding the distinction between marketing and sales. The easiest thing to do is be wrong or not being capable of distinguishing them.

What is the role of business development in this context?

Let’s take a look at what qualifies and defines sales and marketing , and how they differ from development for business.


The process of the attraction of a specific public. Its primary goal is to create interest in the company’s offerings or products.

The appropriate amount of time can be dedicated. The creation of campaigns as well as to establishing the company’s brand identity.

Marketing is aimed at attracting attention, and is not directly concerned with selling goods or services.

It’s much more focused around the market: identifying the (potential) potential customers, and understanding the person they’re from and their are looking for. It is essential to view oneself as a customer.

Business Development Manager Salary
Business Development Manager Salary


Selling the goods or services your company provides. Sales typically are directly connected to (potential) clients , and their job is to convince clients to make a decision on investing in the business.

Marketing and sales are two distinct aspects. It is vital to ensure that they are in sync. They can be viewed as distinct. Related elements of a business.

Both were aiming to generate new revenue. The companies are more effective. When sales and marketing work together and coordinate with each other.

Business Development Manager Salary
Business Development Manager Salary

Business Development vs Marketing

You could have already realized that the three are all connected. Businesses rely on the information of all three to get a complete picture. All of them work with the same goal of growing the company.

There are a few distinctions in their objectives:

  • Business development is the process of creating connections and partnerships with other companies;
  • Marketing is about the loyalty of customers and is more focused on new plans in the future and then to the following steps;
  • Job is tied to the needs of customers’ immediate requirements and closing sales.

Each follows its own plan to accomplish the goals of its own. But, it’s advantageous for the business to have them cooperate. This way everyone will benefit from the efforts of other.

What are the job names for a Business Development Manager?

In the field of business growth, you can find various job titles. There is a list of related jobs:

  • Business Development Representative
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Director of Business Development

What is the average business Development Manager’s wage?

In this moment you could be asking yourself how much the typical business development manager’s salary is. Salary is affected by various things like the location or the degree of seniority.

In the USA the median salary is approximately $130,000 per year. It typically falls between $108,000 to $153,000.

In Australia Business development manager’s salary can be as high as $97,750.

What are the salaries you can be expecting in London.

Within the UK the wages vary in accordance .The region and also the age of the employee too.

The typical salary of a business development manager within the UK is approximately PS37,000. The salary is generally more in London and the South East. Where it can reach up to PS42,000 per year.

It is pertinent to mention bonuses. They may be as much as the salary for the year.

What is the average salary for the level of experience to the Business Development Managers?

A junior manager of business development could earn between PS22,000 to PS25,000. After a few decades of work experience the salary gets higher.

In middle management the business development manager salary should be between PS30,000-PS60,000 per annum.

A business development manager who is a senior position pay could rise even higher and could reach PS80,000.

Another important factor that can affect. The salary of the business development manager may be the industry.  the salary may vary significantly.

The top companies and the best potential to work for business development managers

In order to be a competent or even a good business development manager, some abilities are needed.

You must be able to think independently and collaborate in a group. It is essential to work with other departments like marketing and sales.

Communication and negotiation abilities are valuable too. It is important to be able to adapt and be able to analyze sales numbers.

Do you sound like yourself? If so, you must look at the following possibilities. It is possible that you will find what you’re seeking.


The salary of a business development manager is PS60,000 per annum

Location(s): London, Carlisle, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Slough, Croydon, Greater London

Peninsula offers the employment law as well as HR, and health and Safety services.

It is a world company that is a leader in HR consulting and software. It was established in 1983, and now has over 100,000 customers around the world.

Business Development Manager Salary
Business Development Manager Salary

Crossley Scott

The salary of a Business Development ranges from PS35,000 to PS50,000 a year

Location(s): Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Wetherby, Bristol, Chesterfield, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Bury and Essex

Crossley Scott, a worldwide executive-level recruitment firm. They assist both candidates and clients.

They hold three positions: PPE and workwear, technical products and technical items and coatings. The salary range is contingent on the place of work and position.

Business Development Manager Salary
Business Development Manager Salary

ATA Recruitment

The salary of a Business Development ranges from PS45,000 to PS47,000 a year

Location(s): Sheffield

AT Recruitment offers high-end technical solutions for recruitment in engineers and manufacturing industries. It has more than fifty years of experience supporting businesses in Europe, the UK as well as Europe.

Business Development Manager Salary
Business Development Manager Salary


The salary of a business development manager ranges between $52,000 and 128,000 dollars per year

Location(s): New York, San Francisco and Denver

Slack was established in 2014 and offers an opportunity for teams to easily and quickly communicate. You can stay in contact via private chats or channels.

They offer four different positions and the pay range will vary based on the location and the job.

Business Development Manager Salary
Business Development Manager Salary


Salary of Business Development Managers: between $50,000 and $55,000 per year

Location(s): Minneapolis, Charlotte, Atlanta, Gainesville, Fort Myers and remote

Waitr is an online food ordering and delivery business. It was established in 2008.

Five of the jobs are remote, and the pay doesn’t change.

Business Development Manager Salary
Business Development Manager Salary

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