How has technology changed your lives?

Technology-related innovations, applications and advances have affected our civilization over time and slowly transformed our lives. Technology has played a crucial function in helping societies grow and develop, and simultaneously, the structure and expectations that human civilizations have changed in response to how they are influenced by technology. Since technological systems represent the fundamental nature of human needs humans and their technology have become interdependent from each other. Our lives are shaped by technology, which leads to the creation of new developments and applications that fulfill the needs of the society.

Long Essay on How technology changed your lives:

Technology is transforming the way we live:

We all are aware it is true that necessity is root of invention. After its development, it changed our lifestyles and habits in the world, which can create new ways of living. It is possible that people use technology to survive and survive, or it could assist the society in its evolution and progress through the development of an improved level of efficiency. In the same way technological advances could alter the way of life and lifestyle of individuals in a way that affects the human adaptive mechanism and helping to facilitate further technological development. Through the years, technology has continued offering us incredible sources that can make an immense change in our daily lives.

technology changed your lives
technology changed your lives

Every society of the present has been able to experience technology as a service as a means to live more efficiently. The integration to our daily lives of technological advances has occurred slowly, and often we don’t recognize how much technology is now a an integral part of our daily moment. From the small to the huge technology, every new application of technology is opening up a whole new world for us.

Technology is all around:

Communication has seen rapid and dramatic changes in technology. Communication is instant regardless of whether someone is located in the same location or around the world. The education system has evolved to accommodate modern technology, giving students the option of learning from any location and time they prefer using the internet. The desire for convenience and comfort is always a major driving force behind the development of the latest technologies.

Access to information of any kind is as easy as few clicks on devices. The concept of leisure has been given on a new form thanks to modern technology. There’s been a dramatic shift in our lives as we’re open to a variety of choices, however, we have to keep up with their constantly evolving profiles. The most obvious change in our lives is the advent to social networks. The culture of participating with social media through an online channels has evolved in a way that is too rapid. It provides a virtual entrance to the daily lives of other people in real-time, whether they’re followers, friends or even celebrities.

Technology controlling us:

Our lives have become more efficient and more convenient through our way of doing things. As we advance technological advancements accompany us. We are constantly surrounded by technology and are dependent on technology. When we look around and see how technology has radically changed our lives, it is important to keep in mind how technology controls our lives through changing our thinking patterns, ideas and choices. The main question is how do we know if we are making use of technology or are being influenced by technology?

The dependency on technological advancement has limited the potential to develop our creativity and intellectual capabilities. We are shifting towards the quantity of things instead of quality in regards to time, emotions and connections. Our lives are becoming encased in technology, and we are left feeling helpless without any help. Technology is similar to an elevator that can lift us to new levels as we want however, we must be prepared to take the stairs in the event that it doesn’t work

Short Essay on How technology changed your lives:


Technological advances have made everything available to us at access, making life pleasant and easy. Nowadays, if you wish to learn more about something it is just only a few clicks on the web. There’s an app for everything that gives instant and accurate information. From travel, learning eating, and even dining out to nearly everything that you can imagine can be accessed through apps.

Technology and Future:

Technology has opened an avenue for the development of multifunctional gadgets that are lighter, faster powerful, user-friendly, and high-powered. The technological revolutions have made our lives more enjoyable and more efficient and more satisfying. Technology has revolutionized the way we are entertained and interact with one another and absorb all kinds of information. The number of innovative technology developments occurring day-to-day that it is impossible to keep on top of. It is clear that the technology of the future will continue to change our lives. In the next few years driverless cars could become the latest trend, and robots could replace human workers in factories.

technology changed your lives
technology changed your lives

The Online World:

The latest technological trends have led to our lives being increasingly online than ever. Every aspect of our lives is accessible online nowadays, and it is inevitable that our internet time will only grow. Access to everything online that we want to access provides us with a good level of comfort. It has changed our routines and our preferences too. However, it also makes us more vulnerable. Every digital footprint we leave online is recorded, and it can become a target for cybercriminals to carry out illegal ways using the new technology. We must therefore be vigilant and stay up-to-date when adapting to the latest technology.

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