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Stevens Institute of Technology is an institution of private origin which was establish in 1870. It has an undergraduate student population at 3,670 (fall 2020) and its location is city-like, and the campus area is 55 acres. Institute of Technology’s position for the year 2022 in Best Colleges was National Universities, 83. Its tuition and fees amount to $56,920.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship are the main focus on the agenda at Stevens Institute of Technology. Which is a school that conducts research and is known for its engineering sciences, management and science programs. Students who are freshmen in the coming years must be equipp with the right technology. They can avail special discounts at school to purchase an laptop. works using the appropriate software for their chosen major. Students may choose the cooperative education track. A five-year plan which consists of mostly alternating semesters classes and full-time, paid job. Students in Stevens Cooperative Education Program Stevens Cooperative Education Program complete. A n entire fifth and first year at Stevens and are paid for just four years of school.

Best Stevens Institute of Technology

Although Stevens emphasizes engineering and science. The school is divid into four colleges or schools including one of them, the College of Arts and Letters. The college has a unique approach to conventional liberal education as it emphasizes the connection of humanities and the arts alongside science and technology.

On the campus situated in Hoboken, New Jersey, there are over 100 organizations and clubs comprising about 15 fraternities and sororities. The housing is guarante for four years with more than 60% of college students decide to reside on campus. The campus is situate in the Hudson River, and New York City is just a boat as well as a train ride. Stevens Ducks Stevens Ducks compete in the NCAA Division III Empire 8 Athletic Conference until the fall of 2019 which is when the school joins in the Middle Atlantic Conference, or MAC. Through the school’s Adopt-a team program each student athlete has the support of a faculty mentor to aid them in juggling their academics and sports.

The school was only for male students up to 1971. Today females comprise 30 percent of the students. The notable Stevens Alumni includes Alfred W. Fielding, one of the pioneers of the Bubble Packaging material along with Frederick Winslow Taylor, widely acknowledged for being the founder of science-based management.

Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology 2022 Rankings

Schools are rank based on their performance against a set of commonly accepted indicators of excellence.

Stevens Institute of Technology Alumni Starting Salaries

Below is the average starting salary by major of alumni from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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Stevens Institute Technology Admissions

Stevens Institute of Technology admissions is one of the most selective accepting a rate of 54 percent. Half of the applicants admitted into Institute of Technology have an SAT score of between 1320-1480 or an ACT score between 31 and 34. However, a quarter of applicants admitted to the school scored over these ranges and a quarter was below the scores. The deadline for applications is January. 15th and the fee for applications to Stevens Institute is $70.

Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevens Institute of Technology

Will You Get Into Stevens Institute of Technology?

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Academic Life at Stevens Institute Technology

The student-faculty ratio for Stevens Institute is 12:1 and the school offers 34.8 percent of its classes having less then 20 pupils.Civil Engineering, General; Electrical and Electronics Engineering; and Engineering/Industrial Management. The typical retention rate of freshman which is a measure of satisfaction with the school 94%..

Student Life at Stevens Institute Technology

Stevens Institute Technology has an undergraduate total in the range of 3670 (fall 2020) and an average gender of 71 percent male and 29 percent female students. In this college 17% of students live in college-owned affiliated or operated housing, and 83% of students reside outside of the campus. In terms of sports, Stevens Technology is part of the NCAA III.

Stevens Institute Technology Tuition

The Stevens Institute, 68% of the full-time students receive some form of financial aid that is based on need and the median need-based grant or scholarship is $34,424.

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Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevens Institute of Technology

Campus Safety

Data on safety at the campus were submitt by the school for the U.S. Department of Education and were not independently confirm. The statistics for criminal offences refer to reports of suspected crimes to security personnel on campus or police authorities, but not necessarily convictions or prosecutions. Experts recommend prospective parents and students to conduct their own research in order to assess the security of a campus and its surrounding region.

Stevens Institute Technology Campus

Stevens Institute of Technology also provides security and safety services, such as 24-hour patrols of vehicles and foot and late-night transport/escort services 24/7 emergency telephones and walkways that are lit, as well as access to the dormitories controll (key card, security card etc.). The students who attend Stevens Institute , 2percent have vehicles on campus. Students are allow to drink alcohol if they are who are of legal age on the campus of Stevens Technology.

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